The Spark Igniting Community Engagement


Victor: The Spark Igniting Community Engagement

Every thriving community has an ignition source, a spark that energizes, inspires, and binds its members together. In Anceu, this spark is none other than Victor, one of our beloved residents at  Rural Hackers. With an unmatched passion for community engagement and a heart brimming with dedication, Victor has breathed a new life into the 'Casa do Pobo', the People's House (Casa Comunal), through a series of dynamic activities.

Fostering Inter-generational Bonds through Active Learning 

Victor's initiatives are as diverse as they are enriching. From introducing boxing lessons to the elders of the community, demystifying technology for them, to offering English classes, Victor has transformed the traditional learning landscape in Anceu. His distinctive approach not only promotes a culture of continuous learning but also nurtures an inter-generational bond that strengthens the fabric of the community. 

Moreover, in serving as a trainer for the children, he has opened up a world of opportunities and fun learning experiences for the younger generation. His efforts have not just been educational; they have created an environment where different generations can learn from each other, thereby promoting a more inclusive, understanding, and connected community.

"Contame un Conto": Preserving Cultural Identity through Storytelling

He has also focused on preserving the rich cultural heritage of Galicia. He conducted workshops on traditional Galician storytelling, known as "Contame un Conto." These workshops have served as a platform to keep the age-old tradition alive, allowing it to seep into the younger minds and hearts, effectively safeguarding it for generations to come.

Victor: A Testament to the Power of Community Building

Victor's story is not just about his individual contribution but a testament to the transformative power of dedicated community engagement. His commitment to serve others have created a ripple effect, inspiring the residents, strengthening communal bonds, and fostering a sense of belonging among all members.

His unique blend of activities has successfully bridged the generational gap, championed a spirit of continuous learning, and cultivated a robust sense of community togetherness. Victor's story is a true embodiment of the Rural Hackers' mission - to leverage the power of collective effort, community spirit, and shared learning for a better, more connected world. 

We are profoundly grateful to have Victor as a part of our community, his contributions and energy make our collective journey all the more rewarding.