The inspiring journey of Iván.

Ivan's journey has been nothing short of remarkable since he joined our digital skills training program, a collaboration between our organization and the Migracode Network. Ivan had a clear vision - to teach digital skills to young people - and he has surpassed all expectations, turning his vision into a reality.

At the Rural Hackers Academy, Ivan thrived in various aspects of our program. From WordPress training to engaging in rural challenge projects and benefiting from mentorship, Ivan absorbed knowledge and honed his skills. His participation in the Do_Action Hackathon provided him with invaluable hands-on experience and practical skills, which he later implemented in his robotics classes.

Teaching robotics in Rural Areas

As a volunteer with the Rural Hackers movement, Ivan has embraced the opportunity to give back to the community that supported him. Today, he is actively teaching robotics to children in schools and at Casa Do Polo in Anceu. His passion and expertise are inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts, nurturing their curiosity and preparing them for a future driven by technology.

Building connections

In addition to his work in robotics education, Ivan is also making significant strides in addressing the digital gap. Collaborating with La Industriosa Vigo and @itlogos, he plays a vital role in repairing computers and providing refurbished machines to people that do not have access to technology. By ensuring that everyone has access to technology, Ivan is actively bridging the digital divide and enabling individuals to seize the opportunities that come with it.

Iván a Rural Hacker

Ivan's story exemplifies the transformative power of digital skills in our rapidly evolving world. With the support of the EU and our partners, Ivan has become a catalyst for change, reducing the digital divide, promoting social inclusion, and creating a positive impact within his community. Through his newly acquired skills and unwavering dedication, Ivan is not only improving his own life but also empowering others to embrace technology and unlock their full potential. The ripples of his efforts extend far beyond himself, creating a steamy atmosphere of progress and possibility for all.