Empowering Nonprofits through use of technology.

Empowering Nonprofits through use of technology.


On September 23rd, 24th, and 25th, the WordCamp Pontevedra 2022 took place. Embracing this opportunity, the Wordpress Pontevedra Group alongside with Rural Hackers decided to organise a Do_Action, a social hackathon aimed at supporting nonprofit organisations in the region in their way to digitalise.

More About Do_Actions

Do_action represents a one-of-a-kind hackathon with a clear focus on harnessing the power of WordPress to benefit local communities. Spearheaded by the passionate WordPress Global Foundation, these events are community-driven, with a primary objective of enhancing the online presence of Non-Profit Organisations. A distinguishing feature of these hackathons is the invaluable training sessions provided to the participating organisations, enabling them to master the art of effectively utilising WordPress. This empowerment not only results in immediate website improvements but also equips them to independently manage and maintain their online platforms in the long run.

The Wordpress Foundation:

The WordPress Foundation, main sponsor of this event, embodies the core principles of the WordPress open source project, Its mission is to democratise web publishing through the dissemination of Open Source, GPL software.

At the heart of the foundation lies the commitment to unfettered access to the software projects it supports, ensuring that the source code remains available indefinitely for everybody in Open Source. Recognizing that individuals and businesses may transition over time, safeguarding the longevity of these projects is paramount. By doing so, the WordPress Foundation creates a unique foundation for web publishing that will benefit future generations.

The Do_Action Pontevedra 


Early in the morning, Tellado, a known Wordpress trainer conducted a workshop for participants with little to none knowledge of Wordpress. With WordPress being one of the most widely used content management systems, the workshops offer comprehensive guidance on harnessing its potential. Participants receive hands-on training on various aspects, from basic website setup to advanced customization and content management. Seasoned professionals and volunteers generously share their expertise, providing invaluable insights into optimising website performance, utilising plugins, and creating engaging and user-friendly interfaces.

Let's do it!

After the training we started to make the groups, each workgroup, was composed of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, some of them mastering wordpress, others with different brilliant skills. Each group was assigned to work closely with a specific nonprofit organization. The atmosphere was electric with the shared mission of empowering these nonprofits with an impactful online presence.

Alongside the dedicated workgroups, representatives from the participating nonprofit organisations actively engaged in the process. Their passion for their causes ignited the creative flames of the teams, sparking a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. Together, they co-created a digital representation of the nonprofits' impactful work, ensuring that the websites would serve as powerful channels for storytelling, outreach, and community engagement.

The Participating Associations:

1. A Rente Do Chan

"A Group of individuals committed to the environment and our community in Pontecaldelas. We believe in the possibility of a different forest and environmental policy, and we are determined to prove it."

This is the new website created by the Do_Action: https://arentedochan.org/

Contributors to their new website:

- Supervisor: Carlos Longarela

- Project Management: Rocío Valdivia

- Development: Luis García

- Design: Lúa Gullas, Nicolás Juncal

- Content: Daniela Álvarez, Lorena Novoa, Luía Lino, Víctor Gama

- Quality Assurance: Ángel Javier Gil, Francisco Pérez

- Assistance: Iván Sánchez, Sofia Baquieiri

2. Asociación Villa Caótica

"Contributing to a more sustainable society from a naturalistic and animalistic perspective."

This is the new website created by the Do_Action: https://villacaotica.org/

Contributors to their new website:

- Supervisor: Jorge González

- Project Management: Nuria Ramoneda

- Development: Fernando García Rebolledo

- Design: Nacho Vega, Nora Ferreirós

- Content: Ibon Azkoitia, Paula Rivera

- Quality Assurance: Andrea Cueva, Ángel Moreno

- Assistance: Juan Teixeira

As Rural Hackers, we are immensely proud to have contributed in organising the Do_action Pontevedra 2022 event with the awesome WordPress Pontevedra group. Witnessing the transformative power of this unique hackathon was truly inspiring, as it brought together a diverse community driven by a shared passion for empowering local nonprofits.

As Rural Hackers, we firmly believe in the potential of technology and innovation to drive positive social impact. The do_action Pontevedra 2022 event perfectly exemplified this belief, showcasing how technology can be harnessed to amplify the voices and missions of nonprofit organisations striving to make a difference in our society.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to WordPress Pontevedra for being invaluable in leadearing the do_action Pontevedra 2022 event and the Pontevedra Wordcamp. Your dedication to the WordPress community and passion for driving positive change truly shone throughout the entire process. Thank you Wajari, Juan Hernando and Sabela.