"Curiositech": An Erasmus+ Adventure for Empowering Youth 

"Curiositech” a transformative international project funded by the European Commission and the Erasmus+ program under the KA1 Youth Exchanges. Reflecting the ethos of the Rural Hackers philosophy, Curiositech served as a dynamic platform, uniting 32 young enthusiasts and community members. This vibrant collective employed their creativity to stimulate positive change, effectively bridging community engagement with digital innovation.

Nurturing a Digital Future with Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchanges are international programs designed to engage and inspire young people, encouraging them to explore and develop their skills and perspectives. It offers an exciting avenue for participants to learn, share, and grow in a multicultural environment, thereby fostering personal development and promoting active citizenship.

The primary goal of these exchanges, such as our Curiositech project, is to prepare the youth for a world undergoing rapid digital transformation, accelerated further by the COVID-19 health crisis. While the digital revolution brings numerous advantages, it can also spur social exclusion if not addressed with the right tools. This situation impacts the most vulnerable youth groups, including migrants, refugees, and individuals with limited education, who often face restricted access to technology and its opportunities.

With Curiositech, we aimed to challenge this trend by directly involving these individuals, offering them the tools to navigate the digital landscape and reap its benefits.

Our Threefold Objective: Thinker, Doer, and Protector

1. Technology Thinker: We sought to spark curiosity towards the digital sector among the participants by providing them with essential tools, with a particular focus on WordPress technology.

2. Engaged Doer: Our project was designed to help participants develop their entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging life-long learning, self-direction, personal management, collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

3. Ethical Protector: We aimed to nurture self-awareness related to social responsibility, sustainability, active citizenship, rural depopulation, and cultural protection through the mediums of arts, creativity, and technology.

Bridging Divides and Building Connections: The Digital Triumphs of Curiositech

An essential part of Curiositech was the development of four distinct websites, each serving non-profit organisations in rural areas. These platforms, built through the active engagement and collaboration of young individuals from five countries and domain experts, stand as digital milestones for these communities.

This project, supported by the WordPress community, celebrated the spirit of open-source by leveraging the WordPress technology. Open-source software like WordPress empowers users to share, modify, and create software, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual learning. This aligns perfectly with the core ethos of Curiositech – creating a platform where everyone learns, grows, and contributes. 

1. Cubelos Aldea: This website chronicles the small village's brave stand against forest fires. A beacon of community resilience, it serves as a hub for sharing information and rallying support. Click here!

2. El Mercado de la Tía: This digital marketplace brings together the charm of second-hand products and unique experiences centered around books. It fosters a culture of reuse and sparks a deeper appreciation for literature and rural life. Click here!

3. Casas Indianas: Stepping into this site is akin to stepping back in time. It offers a peek into rural life, captured through the lens of historic homes, preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of these communities. Click here!

4. Casa Do Pobo de Anceu: This website serves as a vibrant information hub, documenting and celebrating community events in Anceu, bringing people together, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. Click here!

By weaving together technology, collaboration, and open-source values, Curiositech has helped to highlight the narratives of these rural communities, bridging digital divides and building connections that will pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Celebrating Heritage: A Mural to Remember

In addition to these digital feats, Curiositech brought the creation of a stunning mural that pays homage to Anceu's traditional dance. This colourful piece of art, a labour of love by the community, mirrors the region's rich heritage and boundless creativity. The process was a sight to behold, with community members of all ages coming together and international participants, brushes in hand, to bring this vision to life. Their collective strokes, filled with passion and precision, gave birth to a vibrant testament to Anceu's cultural heritage. You can see this mural in Casa do Pobo

Battling Depopulation through Collaboration and Innovation

The tale of Curiositech puts the spotlight on a challenge many rural areas, including Galicia, grapple with – depopulation. This project stands as a beacon of hope, showing that we can change the narrative through collaborative and innovative efforts. 

Curiositech's four digital platforms, alongside the captivating mural, are vital tools in this endeavour. By harnessing technology, we aim to share and preserve our vibrant traditions. Supporting these rural communities is not merely an act of charity, but a valuable investment in a brighter, inclusive future. Let's unite our efforts and make a lasting difference!

A Special Shout-out to SiteGround: Our Digital Enablers 

SiteGround has been instrumental in the success of the Curiositech project. As a global leader in web hosting services, they have graciously stepped up to provide great help. Their generous contribution has not only enabled us to bring our vision to life but also helped to establish a significant digital presence for these rural organisations on the web.

Siteground has been able to leverage their technical expertise and robust hosting solutions to build and maintain these websites. Their reliable and responsive service has ensured that our platforms remain accessible and perform optimally, enhancing the digital experience for our users.

In a world where digital inclusivity is paramount, SiteGround's support has been vital in bridging the digital divide for these rural communities. Their commitment to fostering digital empowerment aligns perfectly with the mission of the Curiositech project.

Our collaboration with SiteGround serves as a prime example of how partnerships between technology companies and community-focused initiatives can drive positive social impact. Together, we've been able to create a vibrant digital space that celebrates and supports the rich heritage and unique experiences of rural life.

Thank you, SiteGround, for your invaluable support, and for being a crucial part of our journey towards digital inclusivity and empowerment. Your contribution is helping to shape a brighter, more connected future for these communities.

Visite them here.